May 3, 2021
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Maria Kozhevnikova: My son saved me from death

Popular Russian actress Maria Kozhevnikova spoke about a terrible incident that happened to her a year ago. She noted that then her son Ivan saved her from inevitable death.

Maria Kozhevnikova: My son saved me from death

The incident happened in the summer during a family break in the Tver region. Maria and her husband spent the night in a separate house, and the children and their grandmother slept in a huge cottage. Early in the morning, Kozhevnikova’s son became ahoy, and he asked to call his mother, the woman discouraged him, but he insisted on his own.

The actress said that in the evening before going to bed, they did not feel very good with their husband, but did not attach any importance to this. She noted that at six in the morning, her son Ivan made a tantrum and insisted that the parents be awakened. At that moment, Maria was already paralyzed and did not feel her own body – she could not move her right hand or leg. The celebrity added that she felt that she had already flown away by pressing, and the faithful called for an ambulance.

Doctors diagnosed her with severe intoxication and if not for her son’s hysterics, she could have died. so much as if she had less than an hour to live.

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