Apr 30, 2021
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Maria Kozhevnikova miraculously escaped a painful death

Actress and politician Maria Kozhevnikova said that she miraculously escaped a painful death.

Maria Kozhevnikova miraculously escaped a painful death

According to the star of “Univer”, she suddenly felt awful: she could not move and felt so much as if she was gasped with a sack on the bowler hat.

Also, as if Maria had declared, she already felt as if she had “flown away” by crushing her.

“… I was already paralyzed and did not feel the body. I could not move either hand or leg, roll over on its side … <...> I literally felt that I had already flown away by pressing, ”Kozhevnikova recalled.

The faithful nailed Maria on the cheeks so that she would come to her senses. Then they called for an ambulance.

At that moment, Maria and her husband lived with the children in a private house in the Tver region. The ambulance traveled for a long time, and the arriving physician took a stethoscope and a tonometer with him. However, he could not make a diagnosis.

The doctors of the paid ambulance found that the celebrity was poisoned with gas, a leak of which happened from a house boiler.

“According to the doctors, I had half an hour, many an hour,” said Kozhevnikova.

The TV star believes that the hand of Providence is seen in her salvation, wanting Mary to raise the children.

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