Dec 30, 2020
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Maria Kozhevnikova is suspected of the fourth pregnancy

The actress dreams of a big family.

Maria Kozhevnikova is suspected of the fourth pregnancy

Maria Kozhevnikova at the age of 36 portrays a mother with many children. She has three sons: 6-year-old Ivan, 5-year-old Maxim, 3-year-old Vasily. However, I suspect the actress of the fourth pregnancy. She published a series of New Year’s pictures with the kids. Despite the fact that the star of the “Univer” series has a voluminous cardigan, a slightly catchy rounded tummy emerges from under it

This was noticed by Maria’s subscribers and decided to ask her if she was belly. However, the actress ignored the question.

By the way, after the third birth, Kozhevnikova admitted that she would not want to stop at the conquered number of children. She dreams of a big family, in which there would be two more children.

And all the sons of Mary appeared from one man – businessman Yevgeny Vasiliev, the couple still do not rush to speak at the registry office in order to legitimize their relationship. They consider the alliance more dignified, which is fixed according to the canons of Christianity. Therefore, in 2013, Kozhevnikova and Vasiliev got married.

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