Jan 7, 2021
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Maria Kozhevnikova boasted of hitting the top lines of the trust in artists rating

12:34, 01/07/2021

The actress noted that in social networks she shows only a small part of her good deeds.

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Maria Kozhevnikova became known to a wide audience for the role of Allochka in the comedy series “Univer”. However, in parallel with the development of her acting career, the artist began to engage in politics, becoming a State Duma deputy. After the due date in parliament, Maria continued to engage in public activities, not always advertising her.

On the eve of Christmas, Maria boasted of being included in the rating of Russian actors who are trusted by people. “You have probably noticed that I have long refused to participate in various ratings, awards and events … It is a waste of time and with my pride I have long since resolved the issue. But this news, which was sent to me yesterday, really warmed my soul! I entered the top 5 leaders of trust among public people. This is really a reward for me‼ Your trust is a real responsibility! Only my relatives know how much I fight, I fight with officials, I save children and adults, it takes up a huge part of my life, I’ll make a reservation for those who don’t know, I’m not a deputy for a long time and I’m doing this because I just can’t remain indifferent, quit in trouble or God forbid leave to die. In insta you see only a small part, and I am grateful that you trust and support me. Together we saved many children and adults. Thanks again, I am very pleased! “, – said Kozhevnikova in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation hereinafter are given without changes – Prim. line.).

Maria Kozhevnikova boasted that she is trusted by people

Maria’s colleagues praised her for her achievement and humility. “Knowing your intolerance to injustice and a kind heart, I would give you 1st place !!!” – said the star of “Univer” Valentina Rubtsova in the comments to the post. “It’s a pleasure to read this! Cool, “Stas Piekha emphasized.

By the way, Maria celebrates Christmas in Penza with her three sons. The star of the series gave birth to offspring from a businessman Evgeniya Vasilieva… The couple has been living together for seven years, but they are in no hurry to officially register the relationship. According to the actress, the stamp in the passport is of little value to her. However, the lovers nevertheless got married in one of the Orthodox churches in Nice. In 2014, Maria had her first child, Ivan, in 2015 – Maxim, and two years later – Vasiliy

Maria Kozhevnikova with her lover and the father of her children Evgeny Vasiliev

Two days ago, Kozhevnikova showed how her younger sons travel by train for the first time. In Penza, they went to visit their grandfather – Maria’s father Alexander Kozhevnikov, the famous hockey player and Olympic champion. It was he who instilled in his grandchildren a love of sports – all the sons of the actress had already put on hockey uniforms on the rink and got up on skates. However, the trip was not joyful. As Maria explained, her father needed an urgent operation, and in Moscow, moreover, her mother-in-law fell ill. “Wow, I have a day today. All day long on the wire with doctors, ambulances, surgery, hospitalization … tomorrow I’ll tell you everything, on such a holiday I want at least a little joy and magic! I believe in the best. Happy Holidays everyone! Peace, happiness, love to your home! And good health to every inhabitant of our solar system! ” – summed up on the eve of Christmas Maria Kozhevnikova.

Maria Kozhevnikova with sons Ivan, Maxim and Vasily

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