Jan 10, 2021
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Maria Ivakova complained that she could not fly to Mexico on vacation due to a serious attack of panic attacks

18:39, 10.01.2021

The star even managed to get to Istanbul, but because of poor health she had to return to Moscow.

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Many stars of the domestic show business have not changed their plans for celebrating the New Year, even despite the coronavirus pandemic. Russian celebrities travel actively to those countries, communication with which remains open. For example, many are now resting in the Maldives. Before the New Year, Olga Buzova, for example, went there with her beloved David Manukyan. It is noteworthy that to everyone’s surprise on vacation, the star couple arranged a wedding.

However, not everyone was able to freely leave Russia. On December 31, the star of “Eagle and Reshki” Maria Ivakova complained that circumstances prevented her from meeting her relatives who live in Riga on holidays. The actress was simply not released abroad due to the restrictions associated with the coronavirus. For the same reason, Maria could not visit Bali, where she was going on New Year’s holidays.

Maria Ivakova

As it turned out, Ivakova also had “plan B” in reserve, which, by her own admission, also failed. Today, the artist revealed that she was actually planning to go to Mexico on January 3. But even this sortie was not carried out. Maria admitted that from the very beginning something mysteriously interfered with her departure. For example, before going to the airport, she discovered that a pipe had burst in her apartment.

It took time to find a sober plumber and fix the leak, and Maria almost missed the plane. However, this was not the end of her misadventures. Ivakova, on her Instagram microblog, complained that she could not fly to Mexico on vacation due to a serious panic attack that overtook her on the way.

Maria Ivakova complained that she could not fly to Mexico on vacation due to a serious attack of panic attacks

“And now I’m on my way to the plane, somehow I make it to the flight. I arrive in Istanbul and start to feel something strange during the transfer. It was like an emotional panic attack. I sat down and diligently sobbed for several hours, lived through despair, loneliness, meaninglessness and many other “pleasantries”. I tried to somehow put myself in order: I used all sorts of techniques and practices: I breathed deeper, looked, tried to distance myself from the situation, accepted, even called the psychologist. I went up to my gate, and inside everything said: I won’t fly, I don’t want, I won’t go! No, no and NO! My inner Jewish woman at that moment was counting money and persuading the dramuquin to get on the plane, because most of the trip was irrevocable. But money is probably the last thing I thought about at that moment. I just couldn’t bring myself to get on the plane. As a result, I just flew to Moscow. This is officially the most expensive trip to Istanbul in my life … ”, – Maria Ivakova admitted disappointedly (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes. – Approx. line.).

Maria Ivakova with Nikita Efremov

Maria admitted that she was flying back in an absolutely lost state and could not understand what happened to her. “My whole rational nature was indignant, but at the same time there was a feeling that I did everything right. Why only all this feeling came near the gate, and not at the time of buying tickets … ”, – the artist wonders.

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