Nov 3, 2021
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Maria Gorban starred topless and indicated her weight


34-year-old actress Maria Gorban shared a spicy photo and revealed the secret of her slimness.

In early August, Maria Gorban gave birth to a son. The actress managed to return to her previous form almost immediately. Within a week she was dancing in a bikini. And today, the actress continues to delight fans, demonstrating a chiseled figure.

On the eve of Maria shared a new picture, which captured topless. The actress poses in wide trousers, putting on a jacket. Gorban covered her bare chest with her hand, but she could not hide her magnificent bust and embossed press. The actress chose a provocative pose and demonstrated the main advantages of her figure.

Maria Gorban
Maria Gorban

You need to be a holiday in your own life! 🖤“, – the young mother signed the frame.

Maria has already returned to her pre-pregnant form. “Now the weight is 54 kg, and the height is 172 cm“, – she said in a story. Maria also shared her secret. Genetics, work, sports and proper nutrition are what helped her lose weight so quickly.

Fans admire the star’s graceful figure. They expressed delight in the comments: “How can you look like this after giving birth 😍 ”,“ You are a goddess ”,“ Not a photo, but a picture ”,“ Slim, but curvy.“.

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