Jun 10, 2022
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Maria Golubkina is not shy about her plump figure


Actress Maria Golubkina has become a supporter of body positivity and feels comfortable even with excess weight.

Maria Golubkina sets an example of body positive thinking for her fans. A few years ago, the actress began to rapidly gain weight. Initially, she was worried about changes in her figure and tried to influence this process with the help of diets. However, over time, she became easier to relate to the “new” reflection in the mirror.

Now the actress is at the peak of mass. In any case, fans have never seen Golubkina in this form before. The day before, she published footage on the Web showing her curvaceous hips, a big belly, cheeks and a second chin.

Maria Golubkina
Maria Golubkina

Although some critics speak harshly against the plump Mary, she herself feels quite comfortable in the new weight. The actress is not even embarrassed by the fact that now it is difficult to recognize her. Perhaps this will open the way for her to new film roles?

Interestingly, despite being overweight, Maria does not refuse to shoot in explicit scenes. Recently, the premiere of the series “Mutual Consent” took place, where her heroine had sex in the back seat of a car. In this episode, Golubkina starred with a lifted skirt and no underwear, boldly showing the audience hips with cellulite.

Earlier, Golubkina said that she did not intend to fight her wrinkles either. Recently, the actress admitted that in order to save money, she would not inject Botox in principle. “You know, in order to inject filth, you need separate finances. And greed does not allow me to spend money on such nonsense“, says Maria.

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