Aug 12, 2022
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Maria Golubkina changed her image, but was not satisfied


Actress Maria Golubkina decided to change her hairstyle and showed how her stylist cut her hair.

Maria Golubkina, as it turned out, has recently been very unhappy with her appearance. If others were embarrassed by the actress’s overweight, then she herself was worried for another reason.

It turned out that the actress was faced with sudden hair loss. Golubkina tried to hide her thinning hair, collecting the remnants of curls in the most unpretentious hairstyle. But this was not the solution to the problem. Maria went to a beauty salon, where, taking into account the current circumstances, they picked up a new image for her.

Maria Golubkina
Maria Golubkina

Tired of this rat tail. It’s gone, now it’s like this” Maria explained.

Fans, by the way, really liked the updated image of Golubkina. Many believe that in this form, the actress began to look younger. “Masha suits you very well”; “You look very good with this haircut”; “Gorgeous”; “Very beautiful!”; “Short haircuts are very young”, – quotes the commentators of the EG.

True, for a long time Maria did not pass with her hair loose. Soon the fashionable hairstyle began to irritate her. She went out into the street, the wind began to ruffle her short hair, and the actress had to constantly remove them from her face. As a result, Golubkina took out an elastic band from her bag and gathered her hair into a ponytail.

Recall that the day before, the mother of actress Larisa Golubkina got in touch with reporters and explained her disappearance. It turned out that the 82-year-old artist put her career on pause due to treatment. She complained of feeling unwell and having problems with her legs. Now she is undergoing rehabilitation in one of the rest homes.

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