May 28, 2022
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Margarita Sukhankina admitted how she lost 30 kg


The soloist of the Mirage group, singer Margarita Sukhankina used to weigh 100 kilograms. The artist resorted to surgical intervention.

Margarita Sukhankina admitted that she decided to have gastric bypass surgery because she became very complex due to excess weight and appearance. Yes, and everyday problems, which I am ashamed to talk about, spoiled my life. “I had difficulty, for example, tying my shoelaces“, – admitted the singer.

Sukhankina tried many diets, but they gave only a short-term effect. After all, metabolism changes with age. As a result, she decided on the operation, having previously passed all the necessary tests.

Margarita Sukhankina
Margarita Sukhankina – Instagram archive (banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation)

I used to weigh 100 kg. And after the operation, I returned to the usual 70, with which I lived half my life … I did not have to, like some, remove excess skin after the operation. She just softened a little. To regain tone, go in for sports“, – the singer said in an interview with Antenna.

Some time ago, the artist of the humorous show “Crooked Mirror” Alexander Morozov admitted that he had lost 40 kilograms. He went in for stomach reduction surgery.

Morozov decided to lose weight with such an extreme method for a reason: he tried to experiment with diets, but, as it turned out, it ended in disaster. Well, it was not in vain that Morozov decided on an operation to reduce the stomach: she helped him lose weight. The artist not only changed outwardly, but also improved his personal life: the star of the “Crooked Mirror” had a young lover. But, unlike Sukhankina, Morozov had to get rid of excess skin.

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