Jan 31, 2021
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Margarita Simonyan on her mother-in-law’s birthday called her an example for her daughters

19:00, 01/31/2021

Tigran Keosayan’s wife shared a video in which she dances with his mother.

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Today is a holiday in the family of Margarita Simonyan. The birthday is celebrated by the mother of her husband Tigran Keosayan. In honor of the significant date, the media manager publicly addressed her mother-in-law with touching words, calling her an example for her daughters.

My beloved, beauty, queen, the soul of our home, my golden mother-in-law! Thank you for your son, for being with us every day, for loving us, worrying, proud, teaching, noticing everything, worrying about everyone and helping us become better, for being an example to my daughters, what there must be a real woman, for looking at you and also trying, for our evening gatherings and cheerful breakfasts, for every hour with which you decorate our lives. Happy Birthday!” – wrote Simonyan on her microblog on Instagram, posting a video of dancing with her mother-in-law (the author’s spelling and punctuation hereinafter are given unchanged – Prim. line.).

Margarita Simonyan on her mother-in-law’s birthday called her an example for her daughters

By the way, at the beginning of the month, on January 4, the Simonyan family celebrated the birthday of Tigran Keosayan. Then the media manager also published a touching post on her microblog on Instagram, listing the merits of Tigran. So, Margarita noted that her husband is kind, merciful and can always provide a cheerful atmosphere in their home.

Since 2012 Margarita Simonyan has been in a de facto marriage with Tigran Keosayan, who left the family and officially divorced his previous wife Alena Khmelnitskaya six years ago. In August 2013, Margarita and Tigran had a daughter Maryana, and in September 2014 – son Bagrat… On October 19, 2019, the family was replenished with another child – the journalist gave her husband a girl me… Soon after the birth of her third child, Simonyan became pregnant again. The couple were very happy to hear about the upcoming addition. However, Margarita had a miscarriage. Subsequently, the media manager asked not to pester her with questions about the unsuccessful pregnancy, noting that she was going through this situation hard.

Margarita Simonyan and Tigran Keosayan

I must say that Margarita Simonyan managed to make friends with the ex-wife of Tigran Keosayan. The journalist and actress crossed paths at family celebrations. In addition, on January 12, when Khmelnitskaya celebrated her birthday, Margarita publicly addressed the birthday girl, calling her a loved one.

“Alyona. Dear. You are really dear to me. I am happy that we are all now one big, constantly growing family, and I know that you are also happy about it. I will never forget how you called Tigran to DR Ksyusha with me and how that night (and we chatted until morning) we became friends, because we saw that, despite the difference in professions, interests and backgrounds, we were somewhat similar the most important thing, “- shared Margarita Simonyan in her microblog on Instagram. In addition, the journalist admitted that she did not understand how Keosayan could leave a woman like Alena Khmelnitskaya.

Alena Khmelnitskaya and Margarita Simonyan

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