Sep 21, 2022
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Margarita Simonyan is outraged by the behavior of Alla Pugacheva


Journalist and head of RT Margarita Simonyan spoke about the conflict with Primadonna.

As soon as Alla Pugacheva returned to Russia, she began to make loud statements. At first, the star assured that she had come to take revenge on someone, and then she asked to be recognized as a foreign agent after her husband Maxim Galkin *.

On September 1, the Diva answered the press about her plans for her return. “There are many things I would like to do. Punch one man in the face!“- said the 73-year-old artist.

The audience immediately began to argue, who so annoyed the Primadonna? Margarita Simonyan also thought about this. “Alla Pugacheva said she wants to live in a country where there is freedom of speech. At the same time, when she returned, the first thing she said was about the desire to fill the face of one person. Volodya Solovyov and I did not understand, did she want to fill his face with him or me? And almost got into a fight, Obviously, some of us. For what? For words“, – states the editor-in-chief of RT.

Alla Pugacheva - photo from the archive -
Alla Pugacheva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The 42-year-old journalist mentioned a long-standing unpleasant situation related to Maxim Galkin. “Alla Borisovna, freedom of speech is when you don’t beat your face for words! And they do not threaten to fill the face. I’ll tell you more, when your spouse insulted mine a couple of years ago, I did not answer anything. I could, but I didn’t. And Tigrana begged me not to do this, because it would be personal squabbles, showbiz affairs, which I don’t like to mess with. None of our family touched this family with a finger, did not speak. Galkin insulted Tigran, but we, Alla Borisovna, kept silent, because polite, well-mannered people are Christians. Years were silent, until your husband began to pour slop on my homeland, our army”, – Margarita admits in the Keosayan daily show.

Simonyan mentioned Galkin’s statement, published in social networks. The comedian then called the program “International Sawmill” of the Keosayan NTV channel obscene and did not restrain himself in expressions.

By the way, the journalist, to put it mildly, does not approve of today’s actions of the humorist. “What he carries is not a position, this is called solidarity with the enemy! It is called to say the same thing that the enemy’s special services say, to help them. This is not a foreign agent, this is a collaborator. So say thank you for being a foreign agent“, – completed Margarita.

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