Sep 22, 2021
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Margarita Simonyan: "I am such a terrible person"

RT editor-in-chief Simonyan said what needs to be done with people who are destroying the country for money. “I’m such a terrible person,” she said.

People who destroy the country for money are traitors to the Motherland, and his place is on the bunk. This opinion was expressed by RT Glavred Margarita Simonyan, commenting on the “oppression” of the opposition in Russia.

She noted that it is one thing if a person sincerely disagrees with the actions of the authorities and expresses his position. And the situation is completely different if he does it for money, or for the education of his children or himself in Western universities, for apartments, careers, and so on. The place for such people is in prison, emphasized Simonyan.

Here I am such a terrible person

– she noted on the air of the TVC channel.

Glavred RT added that she believes that there is some kind of totalitarianism or authoritarianism in Russia. On the contrary, the actions that are being taken in relation to foreign-funded organizations and the media should have been done earlier and in much greater numbers.

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Author: Margarita Simonyan (@_m_simonyan_)

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