Jan 7, 2021
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March to Save America, or Where Have Russian Hackers Gone

To the events of January 6 in the capitals of the Anglo-Saxon world

An unexpected and so far not very visible to the world, the two most massive demonstrations that began in 2021 in the two main capitals of the Anglo-Saxon world are connected – rallies of supporters of Julian Assange in London and the “March to Save America” ​​in Washington with the storming of the Capitol on January 6 (this date, however, was expected ).

London demonstrators (there are detainees) outside the Magistrates’ Court in London’s Westminster district were overwhelmed by conflicting feelings: joy in connection with the refusal to extradite prisoner Julian Assange to the United States authorities; disappointment at the refusal to release him on bail; fears that after the appeal, Assange will still be extradited to the American authorities.

The feelings of the participants in the “March to Save America,” who had temporarily seized part of the US Congress building, were not so contradictory: they were disagreement and indignation at the announced results of the presidential election. Heard by all the cries of protesters at the walls of the Capitol Fuck CNN channel Euronews commented politely: “Demonstrators expressed their anger at CNN”… However, if you look closely at the chain of events that has been going on since 2016, you can see that events in London and Washington are closely related.

In the news, dedicated to Assange, there were three stories about “his guilt before the USA” on duty: showing the shooting from a helicopter of a group of peaceful Iraqis, accompanied by laughter of American “liberators”; murders in Afghanistan; exposing the Democratic National Committee’s scam in favor of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

However, what’s new in these revelations? Since the US Vietnam War, all this is well known, suffice it to recall Lieutenant Colley and the village of Songmi. And the laughter of Americans caused by the contemplation of the killings is also not great news: everyone remembers how the same Hillary Clinton rejoiced noisily, watching how the killers tormented Muammar Gaddafi. Then, by the way, the US Ambassador to a democratized Libya was subjected to the same “funny” kind of execution.

The only thing that was fundamentally new in the short list of “Assange’s crimes” was the exposure of the fraud at the 2016 Democratic congress. So to speak, a new version of Watergate, when President Nixon was overthrown for his involvement in wiretapping the campaign of the Democratic headquarters. And the history of 2016 suggests: since they were afraid of eavesdropping, then there was something to eavesdrop! Indifference to this, that is, to the essence of the issue, allowed launching an anti-Trump and, at the same time, anti-Russian campaign for several years: they say, Russian hackers helped Assange to get dirt, and then got into voting machines and vote counting programs and played along with Trump.

Now there is silence about the topic of “Russian hackers” in America. New scandals and records of the 2020 elections came to the fore in the media: the oldest US president was elected; for the first time in the history of the United States, the Supreme Court was forced to intervene in the counting of votes on ballots received within three days after election day (Pennsylvania) … so to call the owners of the largest American media that determine the information weather in the world) has temporarily disappeared. Now the organizers of world information flows, including THIS-giants like Facebook, Twitter, they clean the information space of everything that could interfere with Biden.

However, the demonstrations in London and Washington on January 6 show that the Americans and the British (not the “cream of society” who determine the picture on TV, but those who are closer to the so-called broad masses) have figured out that the authorities are deceiving them. Cheating is provided by colossal budgets THIS– corporations, and partly the London prison, in which Julian Assange was hidden!

The Washington Post is outraged by the reaction of Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, under photographs of the storming of the Capitol. Polyansky wrote on Twitter: “It’s quite like the pictures on the Maidan come from Washington. Some of my friends ask if they will hand out cookies to protesters, which would be a response to Victoria Nuland’s trick. I think the chance is so scanty, because there is no US embassy in Washington! “

However, to be indignant here is an empty matter. In the words of the Russian permanent representative, there is only a short, poor illustration of the superficial similarity of the events taking place, for example, in Ukraine and … in America. Their inner connection has yet to be shown.

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