Sep 9, 2022
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Marathon runners almost got undiluted rum instead of water

undiluted rum instead of waterA resident of Mexico City (Mexico), who came to admire the marathon race, was not at all interested in sports, but conceived a rather dangerous joke.

undiluted rum instead of water

The drunken eccentric took with him a bottle of light rum and was about to pour undiluted alcohol into glasses, offering a drink to the runners in the middle of the distance. However, the organizers of the marathon managed to stop such an outrage. A little later, the police became interested in the merry fellow. A man who claimed that the event was supposed to be the best in the world with alcohol was detained.

undiluted rum instead of water

By the way, his problems may be much more serious than he thinks. Perhaps the authorities will decide to classify the incident not as hooliganism, but as an attempted poisoning. For example, Javier Hidalgo Ponce, director of the Mexico City Sports Institute, argues that runners drinking hard alcohol in the middle of a marathon could have been fatal.

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