Oct 27, 2021
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Marat Basharov shocked that his ex-wives conspired


Actor Marat Basharov believes that his ex-wives have united against him.

It seems that the artist continues to conflict with his ex-spouses. Marat Basharov published part of the correspondence between Ekaterina Arkharova and Elizaveta Shevyrkova. True, the actor did not specify what it was about.

Apparently, Marat is unhappy with the fact that his ex-chosen ones are communicating. “This is crushing Arkharova! Writing to my ex. If anyone has any questions about the adequacy of Arkharova, write to Shevyrkova! I had two official wives. Now they are being written off!“- shared the 47-year-old artist, having published a screen of correspondence between Catherine and Elizabeth.

Marat Basharov
Marat Basharov

Netizens are perplexed at what Basharov wanted to say.

And what have the subscribers to do with it, it’s your own business ”,“ Well, they are written off. And what’s the big deal? ”,“ Arkharova needs a girlfriend, ”“ I don’t see anything wrong with that. Are you afraid that your bones are being washed ?!“- some are perplexed.

We will remind, with Katya Arkharova, Basharov broke up with the scandal in 2014. The blonde accused the star of assault. Several years later, Marat began a relationship with a fan of Elizaveta Shevyrkova.

Lisa gave birth to a son to the actor, but the birth of a child did not save the family. According to those close to her, Marat often raised his hand to her. “Of course I beat my wives“, – he once confessed in the show” Secret for a Million “on the NTV channel.

At one time, Basharov wanted to return Elizabeth, but she chose to stay away from him.

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