Oct 15, 2020
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Mandatory registration of phone numbers is introduced for visitors to Moscow nightclubs and bars

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced on his website about an experiment to restrict access to discos, bars, nightclubs and similar establishments. According to him, in nightlife establishments it is impossible to maintain social distance and mask regime, and the increase in the incidence gives rise to a repeated ban on their work.

"Nevertheless, we would not like to take this step. In the end, this industry is also part of the city's economy. Thousands of people work in it and related industries. Therefore, after consulting with representatives of entertainment establishments, it was decided to conduct an experiment," says the message.

From October 19, workers 'and visitors' access to discos, nightclubs, bars and similar entertainment establishments, open from 0:00 am to 6:00 am, will be possible only if phone numbers are registered. Entering the establishment, visitors will have to scan a QR code or send an SMS to a special short number 7377.

"Of course, registration of phone numbers in itself will not prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, in the event of subsequent detection of infection in one of the visitors, it will be possible to notify all those present that they are at risk and must promptly undergo testing for Covid- 19. Thus, we will be able to identify and interrupt new chains of the spread of the coronavirus, ”the mayor said.

In early October, it was reported that the Moscow mayor's office is considering a scenario for the temporary closure of nightclubs, bars and karaoke. As a source in the mayor's office explained, the authorities explain the need for such measures by "high traffic in the city, despite the serious situation with the coronavirus." "We need to at least somehow reduce the number of people in the city, otherwise we can come to the same tough restrictions as in the spring," the source said, explaining that the closure of restaurants, that is, places where people come to eat and drink, sitting at the tables, there is no talk yet. It was also reported that officials are studying foreign experience of restricting access to establishments and controlling visitors.

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