Apr 26, 2022
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Mandatory labeling of workwear from 2021

Mandatory labeling of workwear from 2021

Work clothing, which belongs to personal protective equipment, has been subject to labeling since 2012. But since 2021, some workwear has been included in the list of products that are marked with digital barcodes. So what has changed in the law? In the article, we will figure out what workwear now requires marking and registration in the Chestny ZNAK system.

What clothing is labeled?

The Order “On approval of the list of individual goods subject to mandatory labeling by means of identification” No. 792-r mentions overalls under the OKPD nomenclature code 14.11.10. The following are subject to the Order:

• clothes made of genuine leather;

• clothing made of composite leather.

Work clothes made of fabric do not need digital marking in 2021, they continue to be produced and sold according to the old rules.

Dates for introducing DataMatrix codes

The introduction of the new marking is carried out in several stages:

1. From January 1, 2021 – the transfer of information about the product. It is prohibited to produce and sell workwear without new digital codes.

2. Until May 1, 2021 – marking of already produced batches and putting them into trade.

If you are a manufacturer or seller of workwear, be sure to keep track of deadlines so as not to break the law. After the full implementation of digital markings, it is impossible to produce and sell workwear without DataMatrix barcodes. Violation threatens with fines and confiscation of products.

Why is clothing marked?

Digital marking is a two-dimensional code that tracks the movement from the moment of production to the sale of goods to the final consumer. The DataMatrix code applied to the product is scanned at all stages. Information is collected in the national database “Chestny ZNAK”.

The process of labeling goods, including workwear, was launched in Russia to get rid of counterfeit products on the market. Transparency of trade is the main measure to combat the black market. At the same time, consumers receive a guaranteed quality product. This is especially important when it comes to workwear, because the safety and health of workers depends on it.

If the seller offers you to buy unmarked workwear, it means that the product is a fake and you risk safety at work. Goods without a barcode can be reported to Chestny Znak.

An example of product labeling on the site

Who is required to label workwear?

The obligation to digitally label work clothing lies with manufacturers and importers. But in some cases, other organizations must also form two-dimensional DataMatrix codes.

Workwear manufacturers carry out the marking process at the production stage.
Importing companies must create digital codes in the system and send them to a foreign manufacturer for application. Imported overalls must be marked before crossing the Russian border.

Wholesalers and retailers who have unsold workwear leftovers without digital barcodes will organize their labeling on their own. Retailers handle labeling if the numeric code is missing or unreadable due to damage when a customer returns an item. Thrift stores – if they receive overalls not from legal entities.

If before 2021 the company purchased unmarked work clothes for its own use, then it is not required to apply digital codes. The new rules apply only to participants in the sale.

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