Sep 13, 2022
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Man who ate 32,000 Big Macs in his life proposed to his fiancee at McDonald’s

foodie ate a lot of big macsDon Gorske’s life changed forever on May 17, 1972. It was then that a resident of Fond du Lac (Wisconsin, USA) first came to the McDonald’s restaurant.

foodie ate a lot of big macs

Don ordered and ate three Big Macs, and he liked the burgers so much that he returned twice that day for more Big Macs.

foodie ate a lot of big macs

A man who has eaten 32,000 Big Macs in his life keeps receipts and boxes of his favorite snack neatly. Don’s obsession, who eats his favorite snack every day, is also the fact that on his birthday and at Christmas he also feasts on Big Macs. When a birthday comes up, a candle is stuck in the burger. Even the marriage proposal made by Don to his girlfriend took place not just anywhere, but in the McDonald’s restaurant. Don, by the way, is immensely grateful to his wife for how patient she has been with him all these years.

foodie ate a lot of big macs

The hero of this story cannot complain about poor health and explains this by the fact that, while using Big Macs, he does not forget about leading an active lifestyle. In McDonald’s circles, Don is, of course, quite a well-known figure. One of the restaurants not only decorated the premises with a portrait of such a devoted Big Mac fan, but also held a special event to mark the 50th anniversary of the day Don started eating burgers.

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