Sep 15, 2022
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Man constantly added laxatives to his stepson’s daily medications

laxative for stepsonA young resident of Florida (USA), who lived with his mother and stepfather, took daily medication to treat mood and behavior disorders.

laxative for stepson

But at some point, a 14-year-old teenager noticed that taking the pills was accompanied by unpleasant symptoms – constant diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. Mom tried to help her son, as a result of which he underwent many unpleasant procedures (for example, a colonoscopy). But the diarrhea continued, and the woman suspected that Craig Alan Ripple, her husband and stepfather of a teenager, could be the culprit of the trouble. Having installed surveillance cameras in the house, the lady made sure that the 54-year-old husband constantly adds laxatives to his son’s pills. However, the hooliganism was not limited to this. Craig hid the personal belongings of his wife and stepson, so that later he could admire how they were looking for the loss and angry. Also, the man poured water in the bed, so that everyone would be angry at the pets, supposedly urinating. Of course, after such discoveries, the wife went to the police.

laxative for stepson

During the investigation and at the trial, Craig could not really explain his actions. As a result, the man was found guilty of child abuse, as well as actions that cause psychological stress in the family. Craig was sentenced to 14 months in prison, plus he is required to attend classes teaching people how to be good parents.

To wean her husband from alcohol, the wife gave him a laxative

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