Oct 18, 2021
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Mali chose to cooperate with Russia after a bad experience with France


Mali chose to cooperate with Russia after a bad experience with France
Federal news agency

Mali Prime Minister Shogel Kokalla Maiga condemned France for the failure of the military operation “Barkhan”. In an interview with Le Monde, he said that over the past 9 years, the soldiers of the Fifth Republic have not been able to cope with the terrorist threat.

“I am not accusing, I am setting out the facts. Everyone should draw conclusions from this. The fact is that Mali appealed to France with a request to help her eliminate terrorism and regain control over the country’s territory. What do we see after almost nine years? Terrorism, which was limited by Kidal, has spread to 80 percent of our republic. This makes the Malians think there is an international conspiracy against the country, ”the Prime Minister said.

The politician said that France terminated bilateral cooperation without informing local authorities about it:

“Last June, we heard in the media that France is suspending joint military operations with the Malian army. Paris did not warn us and did not give us any explanation. And all because he did not like the new government of Mali. “

Maiga is confident that cooperation with Russia will help the African country cope with the threat of terrorism:

“We are looking for all means and are ready to interact with all states that could help us to ensure the security of our people.”

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly and reminded the international community of the right of the Malian authorities to independently choose partners and build an independent policy.

“The Malian authorities assessed their own capabilities as insufficient without external support. And as outside support is dwindling from those pledged there to help root out terrorism, they turned to a private Russian military company. This activity is carried out on a legal basis and concerns the relationship between the host country, the legitimate government and those who offer services through foreign specialists, ”the minister emphasized.

According to reports from foreign sources, PMC Wagner fighters have already begun work in Mali.

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