May 5, 2022
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Male habits worse than infidelity: never mess with such

Male habits worse than infidelity: never mess with such

Many consider betrayal in a relationship to be perhaps the biggest sin that cannot be forgiven. However, there are many other points that will indicate that you need to run away from such a man as quickly as possible, and if you decide to contact such a person, then it’s better to change your mind. Teawithlemon writes about it.


Dependence on alcohol sets in fairly quickly. It may not be alcoholism, but alcohol abuse leads to this road. Other pathological dependencies can also be included here.

Computer addiction

Building a relationship with a person who is unable (or unwilling) to control their time and prefers a computer game over the real world is always difficult and not always possible.


A man who is too frugal is rarely highly respected by both women and friends. The ability to spend wisely has always been considered a sign of an adequate person.


Indecisiveness cannot be called an unambiguously negative quality. However, it can hardly be called positive either. If you contacted such a man, then get used to the fact that you will have to be the “man” in the pair.

Inability to keep a word

Making promises and not even making an effort to keep them is a clear sign of an unworthy person. If a man says he will do it, he must do it. There can be no alternatives.

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