Feb 22, 2021
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Malakhov in a blouse with a bow made a splash on the set of “Dancing with the Stars”

On the day of the show’s finale, TV presenter Andrei Malakhov urged subscribers to vote for their favorite couple, and he made a “battle of bows”. Most of all, a satin blouse with a bow attracted the attention of the fans.

Malakhov in a blouse with a bow made a splash on the set of

The host of “Dancing with the Stars” on the day of the show’s finale posted on his Instagram page a series of pictures in different ways in which he showed on the set of the program. In the commentary, he suggested that subscribers should choose the bow that seemed to them the most, and also reminded of the opportunity to influence the outcome of competitions between dancers.

Vyasche total ambiguous reviews in the comments under the record, sighing Andrey threw in the relationship of the first picture. On it, the presenter appeared in a beige satin blouse with a bow.

One of the subscribers reported that she once had a neatly similar wardrobe item, another said that her sister had a similar blouse in the 80s. The commentators were correctly reminded that the current fashion trends are increasingly blurring the lines between the concepts of “men’s” and “women’s” clothing, and many manufacturers produce lines without gender at all.

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