Jan 7, 2022
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MakSim commented on rumors about her breakup with her boyfriend

Singer Marina Maksimova, better known under the pseudonym MakSim, embarrassed Instagram users on New Year’s Eve with a post about parting. After the hype on the Web, she decided to dot the i’s.

Maksimova in a post on social networks said goodbye to a certain “cat”. The artist said that everything was beautiful, but she still “gets off this carousel”. The fans suggested that it was about the breakup of MakSim with a mysterious boyfriend, so they bombarded her with questions. The singer did not beat around the bush and commented on these rumors.

“I didn’t expect such a fuss about my first post in 2022. I hasten to assure you that he has nothing to do with the names previously known on the Internet or discussed in the press. Nobody can know what is happening around my personal life, especially the names! ” – she wrote.

MakSim carefully guards his privacy from journalists. Even in an interview with Boris Korchevnikov in the program “The Fate of a Man” she did not mention the name of her lover. The performer hides her beloved man, since publicity can interfere with his business.

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