Jan 26, 2021
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Maksakova denied rumors about her return to Russia

Opera singer Maria Maksakova said that she did not return to Russia.

Maksakova denied rumors about her return to Russia

Now in a number of media outlets there is information that the artist quietly returned from Kiev to RF. In an interview with Business FM, she hammered in that she came to Russia for the trial over the division of an apartment in Moscow.

Answering the question whether she plans to stay in the Russian Federation, Maria Maksakova suggested waiting for the outcome of the court proceedings. At the same time, she has already taken a return ticket.

“I am still involved in all these trials. And my home is in Ukraine, and I have a child there, ”added the star.

Recall that Maria Maksakova and her faithful Denis Voronenkov flew to Ukraine in 2016. In the relationship of the deputy, a criminal deval was agitated on charges of fraud. In 2017, he was shot in the focus of Kiev.

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