Apr 19, 2021
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Making salads easier

Making salads easier

Making salads quickly is a skill that every responsible housewife should possess. It is thanks to these skills that you will be able to lay the festive table even after a long day at work.

Today we have compiled for you a list of the most useful life hacks for quick preparation of salads. Take note of them, and cooking will turn into a pleasant and fun pastime for you instead of a hackneyed routine.

How to use a grater correctly

Many people advise using a plastic bag to keep the grater clean and not waste time washing it. We strongly advise against using this method. Unless you like to enjoy the pieces of plastic in your salad.

Try to keep the grater clean and dry at all times. Only buy options that have anti-slip silicone feet.

Before grating the cheese, you can lightly grease the appliance with oil. The cheese will not stick together, and the grater will be much easier to wash.

Some foods, which are especially difficult to handle with a grater due to their softness, can be pre-held in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

Remember that there are many different graters. Grated foods can decorate salads and other dishes. You can learn how to use a grater with attachments by carefully studying the instructions.

Preliminary preparation

A pre-made menu will cut your preparation time in half. More often than not, it is in the process that you discover that some ingredients are missing. Be sure to write down all the necessary products and their quantity.

Think about which cooking steps can be combined and which foods can be prepared at the same time. For example, if you need to use boiled eggs in several salads, you can boil them in the required amount in advance. Don’t forget to add some salt to the water so that the shells come off easily.

Salad decoration

Remember that salads can not only be decorated in an unusual way, but also served in an original way. For example, in avocado halves without pulp. Tomato and cucumber halves are also suitable for this role.

Storage of dishes

Of course, during the New Year celebrations, the refrigerators are literally packed with food. All this must be reasonably placed so that nothing deteriorates.

It is best to place leftover salads in plastic containers. Make sure that you have a sufficient number of containers and that they are all intended specifically for food. This is evidenced by the sign in the form of a glass and a fork.

Store the sausage and cheese cuts in parchment paper. It does not allow grease and odors to pass through, but the food does not stagnate.

Many people store eggs in special trays in the refrigerator doors. However, if possible, try to place them on the topmost shelf. It is there that they will retain their freshness for a long time.

Store vegetables and fruits in special containers at the bottom of the refrigerator. Many people put them in plastic bags. You should not do this, because condensation collects there. It is because of him that vegetables and fruits become moldy and begin to rot.

In addition to plastic containers, we advise you to purchase glass containers. They are much more environmentally friendly and easy to clean. But aluminum and metal dishes have a very bad effect on food.

The most important thing in the kitchen is the right organization. It is thanks to her that you will be able to control all the ongoing processes and will never be late with the preparation of dishes.

Timely cleaning is also very important. It is much more pleasant to cook in a clean kitchen, where everything is in its place. Only in this case will you be able to notice the shortage of some important product or seasoning in time.

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