Jun 22, 2022
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Makeup for narrow eyes

Makeup for narrow eyes

Large expressive eyes have always been considered the dignity of a woman, so magically affecting men. Well, what representative of the fair sex would not dream of such eyes in which the beloved man could drown? Unfortunately, nature has not awarded everyone with chic eyelashes and a wide, expressive look. Millions of women are complex about narrow eyes. Is it worth it? After all, this also has something special, mysterious, oriental.

However, for those who still want to mask and visually widen narrow eyes, makeup artists have come up with special makeup application techniques. Having mastered this simple art, you can do amazing makeup that will “open up” your eyes and give it playfulness, expressiveness and depth.

So, a typical mistake of girls with narrow eyes is the wrong application of eyeliner, especially dark – near the very edge of the eyelashes. This gives the impression that the eyes narrow even more. Makeup artists recommend doing the following: either use a pearl pencil instead of eyeliner and draw a line along the lower lashes with it, or, if you prefer eyeliner, draw a line, slightly retreating from the lash line, and then blend it.

For lovers of arrows, there is also one tricky trick: narrow eyes will look wider if the arrows are not brought to the level of the edge of the eyes, but only a little further beyond the middle.

As for the use of shadows, deep shades are contraindicated for owners of narrow eyes, since they simply “drown” their eyes with their saturation. To make the look more open and attractive, you should use light shadows, which, by the way, are applied not only on the moving eyelid, but also under the eyebrows.

Eye makeup is unthinkable without painted eyelashes. If your eyes are narrow, then in order to visually enlarge them, you will need to curl your eyelashes either with a special mascara or with a special tool for curling eyelashes. The mascara layer should not be too thick, as this will make the look heavy and the eyes even narrower. Makeup artists also recommend applying one coat of mascara first, then powdering the lashes and applying another coat. As for the lower eyelashes, it is also better to tint them – this will make the look more open.

These little female tricks will help the owners of narrow eyes achieve their goal and become more attractive.

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