Apr 19, 2021
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Makeeva criticized the ex-wife of her lover

Actress Anastasia Makeeva criticized the ex-beloved of her betrothed Roman Malkov for her love of “easy money.”

Makeeva criticized the ex-wife of her lover

The celebrity gave this topic a frenzied post on Instagram. The 39-year-old actress is dating Roman Malkov. For the sake of the artist, the uncle retired from his wife Svetlana, with whom he has four children in common.

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The thrown woman literally fights with the actress who defeated her family. Truth, Anastasia Makeeva herself, assures that Svetlana’s relationship with her husband Roman has deteriorated a long time ago, and she has absolutely nothing to do with it.

And now Anastasia Makeeva has published in her Instagram account a series of cards of the ex-wife of her betrothed. In the publication, she criticized Svetlana Malkova.

“Sweet and unhappy thrown, she rides in a limousine and drinks free champagne, acts with the stars and sits on makeup, gives interviews and willingly sells the honor of the parent of her children, destroying the psyche of the children for a pittance. I arrived at the expense of the NTV channel and, while walking, was filming at the sights, ”the actress writes.

Also, Anastasia Makeeva believes that Svetlana felt the taste of money and fame, and therefore continues to throw mud at the ex-spouse. Another celebrity denied her words that her father does not help his heirs and does not get along with them.

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