Apr 20, 2022
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Make people beggars, buy weapons and give money to the IMF

People for this regime are just consumables

An important announcement was made the other day by a certain Alexander Senkevich, the mayor of the city of Nikolaev, which is under the control of the Kiev authorities. Speaking on the air of the local TV channel NIS-TV, he “delighted” the citizens, admitting that there was only two months of money left in the city, so he transfers all public sector workers to the minimum wage. “The naked rate” was already received by workers of the Nikolaev water utility. Now it is the turn of officials, doctors and teachers of the city.

“Prospects, to be honest, are bad,” the mayor of Nikolaev briefly described the situation in the city. However, the mayor did not want to explain why people’s prospects are bad.

The minimum wage for Ukraine, which will now become the maximum in the budgetary sphere of the city of Nikolaev, is 6,500 hryvnia (according to the “frozen” rate of the Ukrainian authorities, this is about 17 thousand Russian rubles). At the same time, prices have recently been reaching out to become sky-high. A loaf of bread, according to local Internet resources, costs about 30 hryvnia (more than 80 Russian rubles). The cost of one liter of A-95 gasoline is frozen at 34 hryvnias (95 Russian rubles), but getting gasoline is very difficult.

The authorities are trying to force people to pay for utilities, but this is also difficult to achieve. “Over the past three weeks, prices have jumped several times, and citizens frankly wonder why this is happening, looking at the dollar rate “drawn” by the NBU,” the Ukrainian Telegram channel Resident writes about the situation.

Meanwhile, even greatly reduced salaries in Ukraine will soon become nothing to pay. According to Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko, the Ukrainian customs now collects only about 20% of last year’s fees, and the tax service – about 50%. And even such modest receipts will quickly stop. After all, according to data published by the research company Gradus Research, 86% of Ukrainian enterprises have actually stopped normal operation. About half of Ukrainian companies have closed completely, and some still pay taxes and salaries to employees in the hope of recovery, but under this regime, such a hope is illusory.

According to World Bank forecasts, the number of poor people in Ukraine in 2022 will grow 4 (four!) times. According to the United Nations Development Program estimates, the conflict will lead to a state of extreme poverty of 90% of Ukrainians living in their homeland. The gross domestic product of the republic, according to the most optimistic estimates, will fall by 45% in 2022.

According to official Ukrainian data, in March 2022, Ukrainian budget expenditures exceeded revenues by 2.7 billion. In the near future, the gap between revenues and expenditures could reach 5-7 billion. Zelensky confirmed this data, telling the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen that Kiev no less than 7 billion dollars of Western financial assistance per month is needed. However, Zelensky did not receive a concrete answer to his attempts to beg for money from Europe.

It is not surprising that against this background, the Ukrainian authorities quietly stopped paying people who lost their jobs due to the armed conflict, the previously promised allowance. The allowance amounted to 6500 hryvnia per month. And when the journalists tried to find out why the benefits were not being accrued, they were first “footballed” at various authorities, and then simply stopped responding to requests.

“The Ministry of Finance didn’t care about us, the main thing for them is to pay the debts to the IMF and creditors, and let the Ukrainians survive as they want,” the Resident telegram channel writes.

The Ukrainian Financial Stability Board has made a decision to “adhere to the maximum possible economy of budgetary resources.”

“Against the backdrop of rising prices and accelerated inflation, lowering the salaries of state employees is a crime, but Ukraine must pay 164 billion hryvnia of the IMF debt,” the Resident states.

In fact of the matter. Against the backdrop of financial force majeure, the Kiev authorities had only two “protected” items of expenditure. This is the purchase of weapons and the payment of debts to international creditors. Moreover, the dependence of the Kiev regime on the West is so great that Zelensky does not even try to ask the IMF and other transnational financial institutions for debt restructuring.

If the hostilities drag on for at least a few months, the funds for salaries and social benefits from the Ukrainian authorities will run out completely. Judging by the situation, the Ukrainian authorities are ready to open a “second front” against their compatriots at any moment, when they begin to protest because of hunger. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and the militants of the national battalions, accustomed to shooting civilians in the Donbass, will calmly open fire on the hungry who dare to demand food.

People for this regime are just consumables.

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