Aug 27, 2022
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Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine: Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting at the last limit, Russians will take Avdiivka in 20 days

In the photo: military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Pictured: APU servicemen (Photo: AP Photo/David Goldman/TASS)

The Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of Ukraine reported to the independent office of the President that in the next 20 days the military units in Avdiivka could be surrounded. If this happens, then about three thousand “independence defenders”, together with a battery of M777 howitzers and other NATO “iron”, will end up in the boiler and, most likely, will be demilitarized there.

However, according to insiders from the General Staff of the Nenka, neither Zelensky nor Zaluzhny want to surrender this key fortified area on the Donbass front, despite the difficult situation of their units. A rare case when the opinion of the Bandera military and politicians coincides.

Both those and others believe that the surrender of Avdiivka will have grave consequences for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, primarily in terms of the collapse of morale, and may even cause the collapse of the defense on the Ugledar-Toretsk-Artemovsk-Seversk line.

That is why, as they write in the Zhovto-Blakit telegram channels, Bankovaya has not yet recognized the loss of the settlement of Peski, despite the reports of Western “think tanks” that reported another defeat of the Ukrainian army.

“We lost control over Peski a week ago, but the president’s office forbade publishing this information in the Ukrainian media. This fact was reported by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which confirmed the loss of Peski in the suburbs of Donetsk, ”such posts are now flooded with ukrnet, while LOMS (public opinion leaders) and the Nenko media are avoiding a direct answer on this topic, considering its toxic to itself.

Indeed, ISW experts confirmed the veracity of a video published on August 24, in which “DNR troops raise the Soviet flag near the center of the village of Peski.” Analysts at this institute drew attention to the absence of any signs of Ukrainian resistance, which, in their opinion, indicates the advancement of our soldiers further west.

Apparently, the next target of the allied troops in the local direction will be the village of Pervomaisky with access to the Karlovsky reservoir. True, it will be difficult to do this without establishing control over Nevelskoye and Krasnogorovka, which is near Maryinka (not to be confused with the village of the same name in the Yasinovatsky district in the north of Avdiivka).

Military correspondents report from the scene that our troops, albeit slowly, are moving forward, including in the direction of Vodyany, setting the goal of taking control of the Orlovka-Avdeevka highway under fire control. After that, in the Avdeevsky fortified area, for sure, shell hunger will begin.

The General Staff of the Nenka sees this danger and reinforces the Orlovka garrison, actually throwing the available reserves into the meat grinder, since in this sector the overwhelming advantage of our artillery over the independent one.

Let’s repeat, according to the layouts of the GUR, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are unlikely to be able to stay in this area without damaging other directions. That is why the independent military is worthless in the fire of wise men with Bankova, who, as part of the preparation, allegedly withdrew artillery and heavy equipment from Peski, which the Russians took advantage of.

It is clear that this is a propaganda game in an obvious attempt to downplay the heroism and professionalism of Russian soldiers. Like, it was not the fighters of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the NM of the DPR who broke into the settlement-fort, but the mistake of the independent political leadership led to another zakshkvar. In fact, the Ukrainians do not have enough strength to hold the entire line of defense, which neither Zelensky nor Zaluzhny can recognize.

As soon as, on the orders of the Commander-in-Chief, the most trained units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were transferred from the Nikolaev front to the Donbass, the “independence defenders” immediately lost three of the most important fortified areas in the Kherson region – Aleksandrovka, Blagodatnoye and the eastern bridgehead of the Ingulets River in the vicinity of the villages of Andreevka and Blagodatovka.

It seems that the Kyiv regime, choosing between the south and the east, made a choice in favor of Avdiivka, which we are unlikely to be able to take head-on without heavy losses. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, it must be admitted, are fighting desperately, although they plug holes in the defense with “cannon fodder”.

Commander of the “Vostok” battalion of the DPR Alexander Khodakovskydrawing historical parallels, he gave the following example: “Even while fighting in Europe (in 1944-1945), the Soviet army found itself in very difficult situations, although it seemed that the enemy was broken and our ice rink was unstoppable.

How many reproaches are now that we did not help the Warsaw Uprising, and the Germans crushed it? We didn’t cheat then. <…> we crawled out to the line exhausted. Which of ours would think of blaming the Soviet army for not rolling up to the bridgehead with a vigor, but running out of steam in the hardest battles and demanding replenishment of the resource? Nobody.

How is the situation different now? The degree of bloodshed is comparable, the degree of resistance of the “Germans” (ukrov – author) is high, their equipment is almost as good as ours … One of our very brave brigade has come a difficult way, having been near Gostomel and Popasnaya, and during the fighting lost half of its combat composition, of which only “two hundredths” – one hundred and eighty.

The fact that our troops need a breather is also written by ISW. Yankee experts in their report for August 26 note that Russian troops are not in a hurry to advance, but powerfully hit with artillery and aircraft in the direction of Nevelskoye (7 km from Krasnogorovka) in order to improve their tactical position, and also continued artillery strikes on Ukrainian positions along the Avdiivka-Donetsk line.

By the way, military Yuri Kitten notes that one shaft of fire is not enough to defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, “in order to move forward and gain a foothold, and not just thrash with artillery, people are needed, manpower. And it’s not even about stormtroopers. People need rest, people need to be rotated, strengthened, rehabilitated. The attack aircraft should be followed by a second wave of infantry, which is fixed, clears, controls key communications.

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