Aug 30, 2021
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Magyar Nemzet: Is huxit possible?

Our paths are divorced, the West deliberately breaks with Christian morality and values

Hungarian pro-government newspaper Hungarian nation published an article by a political scientist, scientific consultant of the Center for Fundamental Rights Great Fritz (Tamas Fritz), which caused a great public outcry. The article is called “It’s time for us to talk about huxit”… The author explains: huxit Is Hungary’s voluntary withdrawal from the European Union by analogy with Brexit

“After an unprecedented series of attacks by the EU and the West on Hungarian child protection law, it’s time to talk about huxit. The time has come for us to think seriously about our possible withdrawal from the union of states displaying imperial symptoms and arrogance towards the countries of Eastern and Central Europe ”,

– writes Hungarian nation

Tamas Fritz offers to look at the problem from different points of view – political, economic, cultural and military.

From a political point of view, in his opinion, being in the EU can give every Hungarian citizen a sense of belonging to a developed, democratic West. However, it should be remembered that the priorities of the “democratic” West have radically changed, and the liberal European elite is striving to turn the EU into something completely different from what it was originally. Hungary wanted to become a free country, but it turned out that freedom in the EU no longer exists. Therefore, if Brussels wants to dictate again what and how to do, Hungary’s membership in the European Union will become meaningless, the political scientist is sure.

“From an economic point of view, it may be beneficial for us that we receive certain resources from the contributions of the EU member states, but we are already frightened by the termination of funding. One of the toughest arguments is that if we leave, Western companies will turn their backs on us, our trade and economic relations with the Union and the member states, especially with giant German companies, will deteriorate. And will Audi, BMW and Mercedes close their factories in Hungary? “

– the author asks.

In his opinion, there is no need to be afraid of such a development of events, because Europeans are looking for profit everywhere, and will not act at a loss, especially since Hungary has long established itself as a reliable partner. He advises to start negotiations with individual Western countries in advance, as well as to pay attention to the Eastern countries.

The intended exit should not be confrontation, it will simply be a redefinition of the relationship. And although this task is not simple, it cannot be called insoluble, the political scientist is sure.

As for the military side of this problem, Hungary will remain a NATO member, which means that there is no problem in this regard.

It remains to consider the issue of leaving the EU from a cultural point of view, the newspaper notes, stressing that this is the most important aspect of the issue.

“Our paths are divorced, the West is now deliberately breaking with Christian morality and values ​​and instead seeks to build a cosmopolitan, faceless world society based on unbridled self-satisfaction and self-destruction of the individual. While the inhabitants of Central and Eastern Europe insist on millennial cultural and religious foundations. And this is the most important thing. This is the reason for the desire to leave this union “,

– states Hungarian nation

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