May 1, 2022
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Magpies break into the house to steal pet food

pet food theftNoticing that the food in the bowls of pets disappears faster than usual, these owners sinned in vain on the increased gluttony of pets.

pet food theft

A surveillance camera installed in the home of residents of Sydney (Australia) showed a strange crime scene. It turns out that magpies constantly penetrate into the dwelling, which quickly figured out the contents of the bowls and realized that you can profit well here.

pet food theft

Viewers laughed at the funny criminal video, noting that magpies are very smart birds. And one wit even developed the idea of ​​a robbery, declaring that he knew these forty – allegedly they recently robbed his neighbors and took out all the furniture from their house.

Magpies, sprawled on the ground, did not get sick, but sunbathed

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