Aug 7, 2020
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Magnificent century. Empire Kesem – Season 2 Turkey (2016)

The plot of the series “Magnificent century. The Kesem Empire” season 2

The series “The Magnificent Century. Empire Kesem” season 2 will continue the story of an influential Turkish woman. She has great difficulties: the Sipahs raise a riot, as a result of which the former Grand Vizier Hafiz Ahmed Pasha is killed. This development of events does not suit the heroine, but she is not going to shed blood. Therefore, the imperious lady asks Murad to negotiate with the rebels.

In season 2, the Hungarian princess Farya comes to the fore, waging a fierce struggle with the Pope’s companions. She tries to get into Murad’s trust, and this couple gathers soldiers to take revenge on the sipahs. Events of the series “The Magnificent Century. The Kesem Empire” further develop even more rapidly. The main character receives the news that she has been stripped of the title of regent, which significantly complicates her relationship with the son of the ruler.

What happened in season 1 of the series

The “Magnificent Century. Kesem Empire” project is a fascinating story of a young girl named Anastasia. In the first part, viewers saw how the young beauty got into the harem of Ahmed from his native Greece. There she received another name – Turkish. True power came to her after the death of the padishah. However, she had hard times because of the constant intrigues at the court of the monarch and the numerous betrayal of loved ones.


Filming took place outside Turkey, namely at a studio in Hollywood in 2016. Actually, season 2 “Magnificent Century. Empire of Kesem” became the first Turkish TV series, which was filmed outside the country.

Actors about the series

Actress Beren Saat, who played the main character in season 2, said in an interview about the difficulty of playing the role: “Sometimes the shooting takes place 15 hours a day. In addition, you need to find time to read the script. It is impossible to find a minute to communicate with family and friends But thanks to my family and friends for understanding this and never criticizing me for lack of time. “

Erkan Kolchak, who played Shahin Geray, noted in an interview: “The image of his hero in the film” Magnificent century. Empire Kesem “I created on my own. It’s hard to judge whether the character turned out to be positive or negative. It is much more interesting for an actor to create a contradictory deep image. Still, playing notorious villains is much easier, it’s not for me.”

Interesting facts TV series “The Magnificent Century. The Kesem Empire” season 2

  • The premiere episode in Turkey was watched by about 2.3 million viewers.
  • The film project received very high praise from critics and viewers. On many movie sites, it is rated between 7 and 8 on a 10-point scale.
  • Film studios in various countries acquired the screening rights long before the premiere.
  • Timur Swadzhi, who is the producer of the project, noted in an interview that the second part will be the last and will end tragically.

Where to watch the series “The Magnificent Century. The Kesem Empire” season 2

Given the popularity of Turkish TV series, there will be no problem finding sources. There are many amateur voice acting studios in our country. Here are some online cinemas where you can watch:

When new series

The producer of the project, even before the end of the episodes of the second part, said that there would be no continuation. He noted that the serial film will have a logical and tragic ending.

Watch the series The Magnificent Century. Empire Kesem Season 2 Online

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