Oct 6, 2021
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“Madyarov on knives!”, “Get out of Ukraine!”: Threats rained down on the Transcarpathian Hungarians

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine found in Transcarpathia a large batch of leaflets with the text: “Magyars are parasites and traitors! Get out of the Ukraine! Whoever does not run away is the first! Madyarov to knives! ” This was announced by the Sheptun Telegram channel.

“Why this action was timed or what provoked the Ukrainian nationalists to take such a step is not worth explaining, right? The gas contract, concluded between Russia and Hungary, will for a long time be the reason for the Ukrainian hatred of the Hungarians. Although, it would seem, what does the people have to do with … all the more so, living on the territory of Ukraine ?! ” – emphasizes the insider.

According to the authors of the Telegram channel, these leaflets are likely to be destroyed, but “the patriots of Ukraine will not stop 100% and the oppression of the Hungarians will certainly continue, now in some other way.”

According to the Tsibulya Telegram channel, the military-political leadership of Hungary has decided to redeploy several military units of the national ground forces, including a special forces unit, from the north-western part of the country to the border with Ukraine.

“The construction of new military camps near the settlements of Tokaj and Nuiregyhaza has already begun. Why would it suddenly? ” – the authors of “Tsibuli” asked a question.

Earlier, political scientist and economist Alexander Dudchak predicted that for the gas “betrayal” the Ukrainian authorities might try to take revenge on Hungary, putting additional pressure on the Hungarian diaspora in the country.

On September 27, Gazprom and Hungary signed a long-term agreement on gas supplies bypassing Ukraine. In accordance with the contract, the Hungarian side will receive 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year throughout the entire term of the contract. Of these, 3.5 billion will go through Serbia and a billion through Austria.

On October 1, according to a new contract, Gazprom began delivering gas to Hungary bypassing Ukraine through the Balkan Stream gas pipeline (a continuation of the Turkish Stream) and pipelines in South-Eastern Europe.

This agreement caused discontent on the Ukrainian side. The Foreign Ministry said it was “surprised and disappointed” by this decision of Hungary.

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