Mar 31, 2021
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Maduro accused the West of “attack of envy” on the Russian vaccine

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that Western countries are attacking Russia out of envy because of the Sputnik V vaccine, RIA Novosti reports.

“There is an attack of envy against Russia, because Russia produced in record time the vaccine, the strongest and safest in the world, and the entire West joined the attack of envy, instead of opening up to Russia and producing the vaccine,” he said.

The Venezuelan head also expressed gratitude for the delivery of Sputnik V to the republic.

We will remind that earlier Nicholas Maduro was vaccinated with the Russian vaccine against coronavirus “Sputnik V”. The head of state also noted that he had no serious side effects after vaccination.

He is also considering the possibility of paying for the supply of vaccines against coronavirus by exporting oil to the countries producing these drugs.

Venezuela has oil tankers and customers buying oil, Maduro said. At the same time, the country is ready to allocate part of its production in order to guarantee the supply of vaccines that it needs.

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