Oct 14, 2020
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Madonna is unrecognizable! The plastic did not go to the benefit of the star. A photo

Madonna has always been outrageous, and with age, it seems, this trait only gets worse. The 62-year-old celebrity every now and then excites the network, if not with explicit clips, then with another plastic surgery, which has already made her almost unrecognizable.

Earlier, the network discussed the decision of the star of the pop scene to enlarge the buttocks. Soon, however, Madonna took out the implants, returning her usual size to her fifth point. But she did not even think to stop with the experiments, but simply transferred them to her face.

When the star crossed the 60-year mark, she was in great shape and seemed unusually young. According to some experts, the star has definitely resorted to a number of procedures. Here blepharoplasty was performed, wrinkle correction with fillers and Botox injections. But now Madonna has clearly found new ways to rejuvenate. A few hours ago, the singer posted photos on the network in which the results of the work of plastic surgeons are especially noticeable.

Madonna appeared with pink hair, expressive cheekbones and full lips. The star may have applied some kind of filters, but she looks completely different from herself. Of course, the fans did not remain silent. “What's with her cheeks?”, “Stop trying to rejuvenate through dubious procedures,” “I don't think they take her seriously,” write upset fans of the star.

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