Sep 15, 2021
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Macron was frightened by the Russian PMC

Macron was frightened by the Russian PMC

Instructors from a Russian PMC may appear in West Africa.

Paris panicked over the likelihood of the Mali military government signing an agreement with a Russian PMC.

In France, they argue that Russia can extend its influence to the former French colonies in West Africa. Diplomatic and intelligence sources report that Mali is on the verge of concluding an agreement on the arrival of private military contractors from Russia to the country.

Paris is making diplomatic efforts to prevent the implementation of this agreement.

According to the agency “Reuters“, A European source tracking the situation in West Africa, claims that at least a thousand Russian PMC fighters may arrive in Mali. It is said that the Wagner group will be trusted to train the Malian military and provide protection for the country’s leadership. Previously, the Malian army was armed and instructed by Western countries.

France asked for help from its partners, and above all from the United States, so that they influence the junta in Mali and force it to abandon the deal with the Russians.

A spokesman for the Malian authorities said that he had no information about this agreement and that these were all rumors, which he did not intend to comment on. However, a Mali Defense Ministry spokesman said public opinion supports greater cooperation with Russia. The Mali Defense Minister recently visited Moscow and negotiated military ties. After him on September 8, a high-ranking French diplomat in charge of the African direction rushed to the Russian capital.

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