Jan 31, 2021
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Macron: Britain cannot be the closest ally of the EU and the US at the same time

French President Emmanuel Macron said that Britain cannot be the closest ally of the European Union and the United States at the same time, writes The Guardian.

According to the French head, the British government should clearly define the country’s foreign policy after leaving the European Union.

“Which course does the UK want to take? You cannot be the best US ally, the EU’s best ally, and the new Singapore. We need to decide, ”he said.

“I got the impression that the leaders of the country promised their citizens everything at once. If the UK decides to completely switch to a transatlantic policy, then this should be clearly stated, because in this case it would mean a divergence with the EU on the rules of interaction and access to markets, ”Macron explained.

He also stressed that he would like to have “good and peaceful relations with the UK.”

As a reminder, the United Kingdom left the EU on January 31, 2020 after 47 years of membership. The transition period, when all EU regulations and laws were in force in the UK, expired on December 31.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the country is currently opening a new page in its history by concluding an agreement on the format of future relations with the European Union.

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