Sep 10, 2021
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M. Delyagin: “Russia is entering the formation of a new world in a disassembled state”

Photo: Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin

Photo: Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin (Photo: Maxim Grigoriev / TASS)

The content of modernity is a change in the nature of human activity and, accordingly, its role: from managing financial markets through the formation of consciousness, the developed world is moving to the creation of digital ecosystems that encompass all spheres of human life and perceive it as a meaningless producer of a digital footprint for training artificial intelligence.

The modern forerunners of these ecosystems are social platforms, which have acquired a complete totality, that is, social networks used to manage by determining the feelings and moods of the masses of people.

The corresponding restructuring of the global ruling class, masked by the strengthening and nationalization of its Chinese segment, consists in the strengthening and self-awareness of digital capital (or, in the old way, the capital of social platforms), its isolation from the financial speculative capital that gave rise to it and, in the long term, the conclusion of an alliance against his “parent” with the capital of the real sector suppressed by the banksters.

It is clear that this will cause a restructuring of modern global projects that unite fragments of groups of global capitals (often acting on the principle of “intraspecific struggle is sharper than interspecies”) with states and groups of states serving as their organizational structure. Groups of financial speculators (banksters) will try to take possession of the fragments of industrial economies they need as a base – and after a while they will be purged from there by groups of digital capital.

Today we are at the beginning of the first phase of this cycle: the capital of the English City is consolidating its influence in industrial France and its Iberian environs, US-based investment funds are consolidating in Germany and Southeast Asia, and Chinese investment capital is infiltrating the world.

Against this background, the new British project, which compensates for the scarcity of resources with energy and aggressiveness, demonstrates its readiness, together with China, to demolish old Europe (for China, it is an industrial competitor, and for England, a political one), using the energy of political Islam that has not yet been mastered by China, and fills the geopolitical vacuum caused by the decay of the Russian bureaucracy, the Turkish project of the Great Turan.

Interesting is the hostile project for the revival of “Greater Austria-Hungary”, which is still noticeable mainly in the cultural and administrative sphere, but relies on the hidden resources of the old conservative Europe. The latter has suffered continuous defeats since the beginning of the twentieth century, but has not yet completely disappeared and for at least a decade will retain its subjectivity, albeit little noticeable from the outside.

IN THE USA Biden is the last plasterboard wall that shields the showcase of Western civilization from liberal leftists who are eager to demolish it, led by Kamala Harris.

Their mission is to create chaos for the sake of “resetting capitalism” in the interests of the investment funds that own the world. Some of the latter, of course, are aware that this reboot will end the dominance of the market and transfer power from them to digital capital – but they hope to maintain their influence on it.

Russia is entering the stage of the formation of a new world (it seems, as usual) in a disassembled state, immersed in essentially minor internal problems that can become fatal at any moment.

The liberal clan, losing the positional war to the supporters of the development of the industrial infrastructure (who, however, are not even able to think about recreating the industry itself), is quite openly preparing to break the country into the Maidan, followed by the standard “color scenario”.

The theft of five years of life by the pension reform, the lobotomy of the youth of the Unified State Exam, the transformation of medicine into health care by its optimization and the forced vaccination of tens of millions of people on pain of deprivation of their livelihoods could not push the people out onto the street – but the attempts will continue until victory.

On the agenda, as far as can be judged, the massive forced vaccination of children, the actual deprivation of Russian citizens of ownership of housing (almost the adopted law on the “integrated development of territories”) and the expulsion of persons of Russian culture from work – and hence from life by the massive importation of guest workers under cover for large-scale infrastructure and housing projects.

Personality of the future Poroshenko /Pashinyan is of no fundamental importance, and the budget has already concentrated more than the annual budget (18.8 trillion rubles as of August 1) in the form of a financial reserve for the future liberal dictatorship (that is, the dictatorship of Western financial speculators in the style of the 90s; due to the lag in development In Russia, they can come to power in an alliance with digital capital, reproducing Biden’s victory).

Against this strategic background, a reasonable (seemingly vanishingly small) part of the Russian ruling crowd completely plunged into the intellectual game “transit of power”, that is, in an attempt to predict the chosen Putin successor – ideally up to Putin himself.

The specifics of the latter’s personality (in particular, for obvious reasons, deep self-irony not perceived by the environment) makes this choice not as chaotic as that of Yeltsin (runs out of Nemtsov To Stepashin), But no more predictable due to the colossal variability of the internal and, most importantly, external balance of power.

At the same time, the final choice, both in terms of personality and the powers initially left to her (for Putin, if he is able, will have to take the keys to real power with him to a specially created synthetic post for this) will be made – and with a high degree of probability shown – already in 2022.

On the one hand, this will make it possible to test the successor with a stormy attack of all groups of influence frightened and offended by his choice, on the other hand, to carry out a deep transformation of power (and by no means its banal “transit”) in an advanced mode that sharply reduces the opportunities of these groups.

Actually, the strategic meaning of the elections and some other actions of 2021 is seen now in an attempt to create a number of platforms for flexible and diverse support of this transformation, but, as is usually the case when tactics implement a strategy, “something went wrong”.

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