Dec 29, 2020
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Lyubov Uspenskaya wrote an appeal to her daughter

Lyubov Uspenskaya wrote an appeal to her daughter

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya found the strength and touchingly congratulated her daughter Tatyana Plaksina on her birthday.

Today the girl is 31 years old. Despite the tense relationship, the queen of the domestic chanson still decided to congratulate the birthday girl publicly. The performer of the hit “Cabriolet” turned to Tatiana with special feelings. Lyubov Zalmanovna showed her beautiful daughter at an official event.

In a festive look, the girl seemed incredibly similar to her stellar mother. In one of the frames, Tatyana is captured together with Uspenskaya. The singer gently nestles against her daughter, covering her eyes from an overabundance of feelings and emotions. The footage was clearly taken before the relationship between mom and daughter entered a conflict phase.

31 years ago, December 27 was the happiest day for me. My long-awaited daughter Tanya was born❤️ Tanya turned my life upside down, Tanya managed to fill my life with absolutely new colors. I wish you good luck, I wish you to be healthy and happy. Happy birthday ❤️ “, – the artist addressed the birthday girl.

Daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya -
Daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya –

The friends were glad for the star, who found the strength to forget about all the misunderstandings and family troubles. “Congratulations to Tatiana and you, Lyubochka! Happiness to you! ” – wrote Irina Saltykova. “Awareness and warmth to my daughter, Lyubochka! ” – Katya Lel wished.

Fans joined in the warm words addressed to Tatiana. “Peace and understanding “,” I really like your daughter. She is unusual and incredibly talented. I want her to be heard and understood ”,“ You are the best mother ”,“ God forbid that you make up ”,“ Love – you are a great clever, beautiful, very talented woman. I wish you happiness and mutual understanding “,” Lyubonka, keep it up! That’s right!“- wrote the followers.

Uspenskaya’s only daughter lives in America. After a conflict with her mother, she left for Los Angeles to stay with her father. The heiress of the star does not work, she is completely supported by her parents. However, no one gives Tatiana cash for fear that she will spend it on illegal substances. The girl had serious drug problems.

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