Dec 28, 2020
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Lyubov Uspenskaya touchingly congratulated her daughter on her birthday, with whom she has been in conflict for almost a year

16:41, 27.12.

The singer turned to Tatiana Plaksina on social networks.

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Lyubov Uspenskaya and Tatyana Plaksina have been on bad terms since February last year. Despite this, the singer decided to congratulate her relative on her birthday. Today Tatyana Plaksina is 31 years old. Uspenskaya in her microblog on Instagram published a photo of her daughter and decided to address her with a touching congratulations.

“31 years ago, December 27 was the happiest day for me. My long-awaited daughter Tanya was born. Tanya turned my life upside down, Tanya managed to fill my life with completely new colors. I wish you good luck, I wish you to be healthy and happy.
Happy Birthday “, – wrote the artist on the social network (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.). Note that Tatiana herself did not react to her mother’s congratulations. Moreover, for several days Plaksina has not published anything on her microblog on Instagram.

Tatiana Plaksina and Lyubov Uspenskaya

We add that the conflict between Lyubov Uspenskaya and Tatyana Plaksina began in February last year. Then the daughter of the artist came to the studio of the show “The Stars Aligned” and admitted that her mother mocked her and tried to strangle her in the bathroom. The singer was shocked by Plaksina’s public statement and in every possible way denied her words. The star believed that the journalists were holding Tatiana by force and asked to discredit the parent. After the program, the mother and daughter were able to reconcile for a while, when Tatyana admitted that she had indeed slandered the performer. However, soon after her confession, she decided to flee to the United States to her father. Already in Los Angeles, Plaksina continued to pour accusations against her mother.

Lyubov Uspenskaya is sure that Tatyana Plaksina gives interviews to various media with the sole purpose of making money. Now a relative of the singer lives in the United States in an apartment that Uspenskaya bought, and every day food is brought to her. Tatyana needs cash to buy illegal substances for herself. Lyubov Zalmanovna admits that her daughter has an addiction.

Tatiana Plaksina

According to Uspenskaya, Plaksina developed a harmful addiction in 2018. Then Tatiana fell off the bike and received head and face injuries. The accident affected the appearance of the star’s daughter and her physical condition – she began to experience pain. To get rid of the discomfort, Plaksina resorted to drugs. “It’s hard for her. She is very secretive. Today television takes the girl on the road. They destroy her brain even more. She needs cash to buy drugs. And television helps her in this. Today she agrees to say anything in order to receive this money, ”said Lyubov Zalmanovna in the PeopleTalk show.

Tatiana Plaksina herself does not react to her mother’s statements. Now the artist’s daughter is more worried about the fact that a person has appeared on social networks who publishes photos on her behalf and pretends to be a relative of the star. “Some sick person is being instigated by me … I ask you to complain about this account to be closed … This is a maniac who communicates under my name !!! This is not my account … “- wrote Tatiana in her microblog on Instagram.

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