Nov 19, 2021
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Lyubov Uspenskaya shared her secret of harmony


Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya eats what she wants and does not get fat.

The famous singer in the chanson genre is an example of grace and beauty for women of elegant age. At 67, she continues to wear tight mini dresses and stunning stilettos.

As you can imagine, in my years I tried all diets – from some yoghurts a day to separate meals. And I came to a simple diet: I eat whatever I want, but several times a day and in small portions. Tonight, for example, I’m planning quail eggs and sausages. By the way, some sausages are different to others – I love veal, and I consider it a healthy diet.“, – the artist admitted.

Lyubov Uspenskaya
Lyubov Uspenskaya

She told what procedures help her to maintain her beauty.

I went in for sports, was fond of yoga, meditation. But I can say one thing: work is the only incentive to be forever young. Of course, they come to my house, do massages, various procedures … Beauty is a serious work, it requires a lot of money, by the way. I don’t do Botox – contrary to what they write, but vitamin injections and laser procedures are a must“, – admitted Ouspenskaya in the show” Star in the answer “.

Lyubov Uspenskaya, who celebrated her 67th birthday this year, continues to wage a war against age-related changes. And so far it has emerged victorious. The star does not admit that she did plastic surgery, but she also does not refuse – she simply bypasses this topic. On the Internet, only the lazy one did not compare the photos of the singer now and 10 years ago. The difference is obvious.

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