Jun 5, 2022
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Lyubov Uspenskaya may be deprived of liberty because of the scandal


The scandal of the singer Lyubov Uspenskaya with her neighbors can turn into sad consequences, despite the connections.

The well-known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky has already joined the case, who assures that the artist can even be deprived of liberty for several years under the article for cruelty to animals.

My clients want everything to be according to the law (and according to the law, they can face from 3 to 5 years in prison). So that famous people do not forget that everyone is equal before the law”, the human rights activist explained to

Lyubov Uspenskaya - photo from the archive -
Lyubov Uspenskaya – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Recall that Lyubov Uspenskaya provoked a scandal with her neighbors in the elite village of New Riga. She was walking with her daughter when a three-month-old French bulldog puppy ran up to them to get acquainted. For some reason, the singer was so outraged that she rushed to the owners of the dog with claims, calling them obscenely and threatening to “arrest everyone.”

As a result, it turned out that just a small dog was injured, which the artist charged in the eye. For this she will now have to answer.

I waited a long time – suddenly a person changes his mind. And he will come to solve the problem in a neighborly way. Now we only want justice and the solution of the issue according to the law“, – explained the mistress of a beaten French bulldog named Yulia.

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