Aug 1, 2022
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Lyubov Uspenskaya is crying for a young protégé


Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya still cannot believe that he is not alive.

The singer shared her sadness with fans. Uspenskaya recalled that Levan Kbilashvili, a participant in the seventh season of the Voice project, passed away 40 days ago.

The frustrated singer endlessly listens to the songs of the young and promising performer, and often revisits recordings of joint concerts. Ouspenskaya was given a hard time by the death of a friend and his protégé, with whom the star was even credited with an affair.

40 days since my dear Levanchik is not with us. I still can’t believe it. Every day I listen to his songs and watch videos of our joint performances”, Love felt on social networks.

Lyubov Uspenskaya with a former protégé
Lyubov Uspenskaya with a former protégé

She is sure that Kbilashvili left behind a significant contribution to Russian culture. According to her, the man was incredibly talented. This is what he liked the owner of the “Chanson of the Year” award.

This person touched me so much with his talent and creativity that even when he left, there is still a feeling of his constant presence. After all, while creativity lives, memory lives. I will always love and remember you“, — wrote the singer.

A close friend of 68-year-old Uspenskaya was only 32 years old. Kbilashvili died in his sleep due to heart problems. The singer noticed the talent of a young performer on the Voice project, and after that she supported his work. The artists became so close that rumors spread about their romance. But Levan denied the gossip, saying that he respects Lyubov Zalmanovna, but there is nothing more than just friendship between them.

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