Jan 24, 2021
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Lyubov Uspenskaya decided to divorce Alexander Plaksin after 33 years of marriage

14:04, 01.24.2021

According to the singer, the businessman lived at her expense.

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66-year-old Lyubov Uspenskaya decided to divorce the father of her only daughter Tatyana. Since 1987, the star has been married to an entrepreneur Alexander Plaksin… However, the couple have not lived together for a long time. And now the former lovers will have to share the jointly acquired property.

According to Uspenskaya, Alexander used it, since he practically lived at her expense. In the program “You Won’t Believe It!” the artist admitted that at one time she did not draw up a marriage contract, which would protect the property. During the divorce proceedings, the couple will have to deal with the ownership of the mansion in the United States. Its cost is estimated at about one million dollars. And the price of a country house in the Moscow region is equal to 150 million rubles. By the way, although Ouspenskaya announced a divorce, the application for divorce has not yet been contained in any court database.

Alexander Plaksin and Lyubov Uspenskaya

We add that the lawyers believe that the divorce will cost Uspenskaya dearly. In the program “You Won’t Believe It!” the expert recalled that Lyubov got married in the United States, and the division of property will take place according to American laws. As the lawyer clarified, Ouspenskaya has the right to charge her husband a part of the bill for the expensive treatment of their daughter. Tatiana needed help after the accident. She also underwent rehabilitation after using prohibited substances.

It is worth noting that once the relationship between Uspenskaya and Plaksina developed well. The singer supported her daughter in every possible way after the accident, because of which Tatyana’s face was injured. The girl herself has repeatedly demonstrated her vocal abilities, inherited from Lyubov Zalmanovna. The discord in the Ouspenskaya family occurred after the release of the scandalous release of the program “Stars converged”. Then Tatiana said on the air of the program that the singer locked her in the bathroom and tried to strangle her, and also exerted psychological pressure on her.

Archive video of Tatiana Plaksina and Lyubov Uspenskaya

Ouspenskaya reacted sharply to her daughter’s revelations. She began to accuse journalists of holding Tatiana by force and forcing them to speak badly about her. The artist complained that for several days she could not get in touch with Plaksina. Later, the singer’s daughter decided to return to Los Angeles, where her father, Alexander Plaksin, lives.

The conflict took a heavy toll on the health of 66-year-old Ouspenskaya. The singer had to seek therapy from a psychologist. The treatment worked. In early December, Ouspenskaya admitted that she felt better at heart. Until now, the performer of the hit “Cabriolet” continues treatment, and it, as it became known, costs her dearly. Psychologist Inna for her labor received more than ten thousand dollars. By the way, at the end of 2020, the mother and daughter decided to make up: Uspenskaya congratulated Tatiana on her birthday on December 27, and Plaksina, in turn, urged to forget all the insults.

Tatiana Plaksina and Lyubov Uspenskaya

By the way, on New Year’s Eve, Ouspenskaya suspected she had a coronavirus. The star did not contact for several days. On the pre-holiday days, the artist fell ill with a high temperature. The singer hastened to take a coronavirus test to determine whether she will celebrate the holidays with friends. Fortunately, the test was negative for COVID-19.

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