May 30, 2022
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Lyubov Uspenskaya attacked the neighbor’s dog


68-year-old singer Lyubov Uspenskaya made a huge scandal.

The actress quarreled with her neighbor Anna Kaufman. Lyubov Uspenskaya beat a French bulldog and cursed his mistress.

A resonant incident occurred in a suburban village where the chanson star lives. The artist loves her Yorkshire terrier. Lyubov Zalmanovna, together with her daughter Tatyana, walked with a dog around the village. The performer of the hit “Carousel” saw a three-month-old French bulldog. The puppy ran up to the singer to play.

Ouspenskaya decided that the animal was a danger to her little pet. The star chased the puppy and ran into the territory of a neighbor’s house. There on the porch lay an old and almost non-walking French bulldog.

She started hitting the dog on the head with the leash handle. The hostess could hardly pull it off. But the artist did not calm down on this and continued to curse – now to the owners and their guests, who also witnessed this ugly scandal“, – said an eyewitness of the incident.

Lyubov Uspenskaya - photo from the archive -
Lyubov Uspenskaya – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The neighbors of the singer, known for her outrageous antics, began to film her. This angered her. Lyubov Zalmanovna scolded Anna. At the same time, the artist, not embarrassed by her daughter, shouted obscene words.

I almost got my dog ​​killed! Ouspenskaya screamed. – I will destroy you. The police are coming now. You almost killed my dog. Your creature has bitten my leg too. You, I don’t know who. And it is clear that you are *** (prostitute – ed.)“.

However, the artist was unable to show her wounds on her leg. And the old French bulldog suffered greatly from her. The owner of the dog turned to star lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky for help.

When I was told this egregious story and showed the video, I was surprised. What level of adequacy should a person have to behave this way, even with small children! Unfortunately, some artists still live with the idea that everything is allowed to them just because they are famous. I’m afraid it’s not”, — commented “StarHit” Dobrovinsky.

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