Dec 27, 2020
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Lyubov Tolkalina told why she likes to act in action films

02:24, 27.12.

The actress admitted that she is attracted to brave men.

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The debut of Love Tolkalina on the big screens took place in 1999 in the film “Prisoner“, However, the wide popularity of the actress brought her role in the second part of the action movie” Antikiller “. Yegor Konchalovsky, the then husband of Tolkalina, was in the director’s chair on the set of the picture. In the first part of the film, Lyubov performed a cameo role and was not remembered by the public, however, in the continuation of the project, Tolkalina’s character became one of the central ones. Both films were a success with the audience, and even for some time Lyubov got the nickname “antikiller”.

After a successful role in Antikiller, Tolkalina took part in the filming of other projects of the same genre. The painting of the spouse was followed by roles in the series “Line of defense“, and “Secular chronicles“. And only later, the artist starred in “The sins of the fathers“, Where she tried on an atypical image of a glamorous woman. At the moment, the actress’s track record includes more diverse roles, but it was thanks to the action films that the audience and directors turned their attention to Love. Today Tolkalina told why she herself prefers roles in films with shootings and battles.

Love Tolkalina

“Why do I like acting in boys’ movies so much … Why do I need it so much – To beat the cars, burn them, grab them, fire them, crawl in blood, to lie down with a slit throat and a firearm, to look for clandestine doctors, so that around the most cheerful and dashing drunkards and drugs, which even in life walk along the edge of the roof in embroidered underwear … with which it is impossible to live for a long time and it is impossible to live without them at all. Probably because this is the girl’s most favorite pastime – carefully, with a smile and tenderness to observe how your boy beats with his consciousness into all the technical characteristics of the structured dust given to him for use at the time, “Tolkalina shared (the author’s spelling and punctuation here and the hand are given without changes. – Prim. line.).

Lyubov noted that she likes to watch truly brave men who have a lot of energy and love for an adventurous life. According to Tolkalina, she is ready to accept and endure almost all the shortcomings, as long as there is a similar person nearby. The actress sees her task as helping this man. “It’s such a tension – pleasure – to be close to such. Sleepless. Strongly alive. Divinely alive. The most, ”the star wrote in her microblog on Instagram.

Lyubov Tolkalina told why she likes to act in action films

By the way, deep thoughts about life are familiar to Lyubov Tolkalina. The actress often perceives what is happening around her as a reason to think about important things. It is because of her sensitive nature that the star does not like to act in scenes related to death. In an exclusive interview for Vokrug TV, the artist admitted that during such moments unpleasant thoughts come to her about the life of loved ones. The star begins to worry despite the fact that he knows that at the moment everything is in order with his relatives. According to Lyubov, scenes with death make her hands freeze with fear.

Note that in addition to interesting thoughts, Tolkalina also boasts an excellent appearance, contrary to stereotypes. In October this year, the 42-year-old actress was even included in the list of 100 most desirable women in Russia according to Maxim magazine. It is noteworthy that Love is not at all shy about showing off her gorgeous figure. The star often shares candid pictures on social networks, although she herself claims that she does not consider them as such. According to Tolkalina, there is nothing unusual or reprehensible about beach and nude photos.

Lyubov Tolkalina in an exclusive video interview for “Around TV”

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