Feb 17, 2021
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Lyubov Tolkalina told where she will celebrate her 43rd birthday

Theater and film actress Lyubov Tolkalina gathered family and friends on her birthday and went to Livadia, located on the Crimean coast.

It is hard to believe that Tolkalina turned 43 on February 16. She looks great, as her colleagues and fans have talked about more than once.

The celebrity decided to celebrate this birthday with her family. Therefore, the artist went to the Crimea to her parents whom she had not seen for a long time. According to the movie star, a “soulful solemn day” is expected.

“We are going to celebrate at the Livadia Palace. There will be a narrow family circle, ”Tolkalina said in an interview with Nation News.

Then the actress will return home. She will have busy days, because she has planned performances in her own theater “Cathedral” and filming in “Major 4”. In addition, soon fans of the TV star will be able to see their favorite in several projects at once, in particular, in the series “Happy End”.

Now Tolkalina’s heart is free. For almost 15 years, she was in a relationship with director Yegor Konchalovsky. Their daughter Maria is growing up.

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