Jan 15, 2022
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Lyubava Greshnova: “Miracles happen when you are ready for them!”

Lyubava Greshnova: “Miracles happen when you are ready for them!”

As a child, she was embarrassed by her name – Lyubava. And now he admits: “I am constantly asked: what is it with you, a pseudonym?”

Becoming an actress, she admired the magnificent dresses of the times of Catherine the Great. But exactly until the corset of the maid of honor of the Empress was tightened on her, already pregnant, on the set of the TV series “Catherine. Takeoff”. In total, there are about 70 projects in the filmography of 33-year-old Lyubava Greshnova.
And most often her heroines are our contemporaries, somewhat similar to the actress herself …


– Lyubava, your heroines, as a rule, are the most ordinary Russian women. Why are you interested in these characters?

– The fates of women are similar, but the fate of each is unique. And the beauty is in the uniqueness of each story. Any spectator finds something of her own in the series: sometimes it’s only three seconds, some phrase, look, movement that catches, resonates with something inside. Then there is an emotional docking with the film, with the characters …

– Do you yourself watch the films in which you starred?

– Yes. Especially if you need some kind of analysis.

– Vital? What did your characters teach you?

– We are always trying to see and hear what we are looking for an answer to. Now, for example, the project “Games of middle-aged children” is in production. I went around the entire filming process and said: why am I not as cool as she is?! At the end of filming, the director said that my heroine and I had an interpenetration: I added mine to her, and took something from her for myself.

– Recently there was a premiere of the series “From a Clean Slate” with you in the title role. Why are you interested in this project?

– Well, of course, I’m interested in the line of my heroine Maria. At first glance, this is an ordinary story, an ordinary female fate, close and familiar to many women: when the wife pulls everything on herself and eventually turns out to be deceived. She is hurt and offended, and she faces a choice: continue to live as before or start thinking about herself, about her desires, love herself, change her life … She chooses the second option, and then everything around begins to change. It seems to me that it is very important to convey this to the audience.


Have you ever had to sacrifice something for a role?

– In the project “Games of middle-aged children”, my heroine is a simultaneous interpreter. I have an average school level of English, globally it does not improve. And for the film, I had to not only learn mountains of text in English, but also have the pronunciation of a person who has been working in England for many years. Here I had to sacrifice free time, taking it away from communicating with the child.

– How did you master English so quickly? Reveal the secret of the express method.

– There is no secret. In general, language should always be present in life. It’s like losing weight by summer – a failed story, just like English: you can’t sharply learn, start abruptly and learn. Studying is the same sport, it should be done always and regularly. Three times a week – hall, twice – English. Even with the tightest schedule, I try to work out properly at least once a week … Well, if we talk about that series, then I still had a lot of tricks there, which is physically hard. However, I can not call it a victim. Rather, it is an acting buzz, for the sake of which we go into this profession, to be different, to experience different destinies, characters, situations, to try new things …

– Would you like to fly into space?

– I have an unequivocal answer: no! I’m scared! There is no envy either – there is an incredible admiration for Yulia Peresild both as an actress and as a person!

– Well, what would you like to try?

– I like shooting in historical pictures, more precisely in the dresses of Catherine’s time. From the outside, it looks beautiful … I also thought so until the moment when, at the first fitting for the TV series “Ekaterina. Rise” they didn’t tighten a real corset of the 18th century on me! We had everything according to the standards of that time: stockings, shirts, corsets. We were not spared! And I was filming pregnant and was worried that the corset would hurt the baby … But everything worked out.


– The story of your love with Mikhail Pshenichny is well known: shooting, living together, a romantic proposal, a modest wedding, the birth of Misha’s son … By the way, why was the son named after dad?

– Everything is very simple: we like the name Misha! (Smiling.) As long as there is no confusion.

– Has your attitude to work changed with the advent of your son?

– I will not say that globally. All my principles from the series “I don’t act in super explicit scenes” appeared much earlier. You just start faster, more efficiently to do everything. When there is no child, you can spend hours at home writing tests, slowly getting ready for some events, putting on make-up for a long time, choosing dresses … Now I do everything quickly – it counts in a split second! (Smiling.)

– Misha Jr. is five years old. Is he already telling his mom something?

He tells me everything! My son is my best friend, the main person: he goes with me on all expeditions, on tour. And I really consult with him on all issues, his opinion is important to me, it often turns out to be very correct. There was a story recently: we had doubts about one dress for the heroine. Showed him. “No, mom,” he says, “it’s ugly!” We searched and found exactly what we needed.

– Many series with your participation about love, family, home. What are you like at home?

– The most ordinary, homely – I’m not at all worried about how I look. 99% of my time I play with my child. I can’t and don’t like to cook, but I can clean all the time! My house is fanatically painful cleanliness and order, for me it is very important. I may not have food, but everything will be perfectly laid out!

– Do Michaels help you in putting things in order?

– Certainly!

– It’s no secret that on expeditions you have to live in rented apartments or hotels. What do you bring with you to make you feel at home?

– Son, if possible, and with him – a million toys! This is important to me, and there is a feeling of home in this, no other things help. Although… I took my pillow with me on the last expedition. I understood that it would be inconvenient to drag her, that I would fly with her, but I took it because I can’t sleep on any other.


– In serials there is always a place for a miracle – a fatal combination of circumstances. Do you believe in miracles yourself?

– Miracles happen every second, but a person can consider this possibility only when he is internally ready for it. When some transformations for the better occur in consciousness, when a person begins to wish himself a better life – it is then, it seems to me, that fate brings some miracles. And then the will of a person: to use them or leave everything as it is …

– You might as well miss it.

– I often argue that it was right next to me, but I missed it … But you can’t think like that. We can never know what would have happened if … Perhaps there would not be me now, as I am, due to the fact that I once did not use something, failed. And maybe it only made it better…

– As one wise woman said: be afraid of your desires, they come true!

– Agree! Often there are moments when you think: it would be great to act in this movie, to work with this director, to act in this country… You start thinking about it, reflecting, dreaming, talking, asking for information. And… in a couple of weeks they call you and offer you auditions for this director! And you, except for a sincere desire in your heart, did nothing! And then it’s up to you: you fail the tests or not, get angry at fate or thank her … I think that you need to dream, write dreams!

– What are you dreaming about now?

– Of course, I have dreams from the series “I would like a white Mercedes cabriolet”. But it’s material, and it’s not really a dream – it’s a consequence of the dream. And if you dream of a certain role and it appears, then convertibles and everything else immediately appear. But that’s not the point. I don’t have material “wow dreams”. I am independent of this and extremely calm. Now all my dreams are connected with the feeling of myself. I am much more interested in my inner state and so that I get high every second …

Svetlana Margolis

Photo from the archive of L. Greshnova

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