May 30, 2022
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Lyuba Uspenskaya and her dog were bitten by a neighbor’s dog

In any case, this is exactly what Lyubov Uspenskaya claims and threatens to imprison “all the whores” who bred these dogs here.

Judging by the stories of Lyuba, she, along with her daughter and her Yorkshire terrier Johnny, went out for a walk, but then the neighbor’s dog attacked them. Lyuba began to defend herself and the dog, as a result of which her leg was injured.

The owner of that vicious dog. The version of what happened is somewhat different. She claims that her three-month-old French bulldog jumped out into the street and somehow scared Uspenskaya, who began to whip him with a leash.

It all ended with a showdown with the involvement of the local security service. Lyuba threatened to imprison all the local “whores”. Well, these same “whores” have already turned to the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky and intend to sue.

Here’s a curious story happened to amateur dog breeders on May 2 this year.

Lyuba Uspenskaya and her dog were bitten by a neighbor's dog

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