May 15, 2022
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Lvov against Kyiv: Zapadentsy accused “Ze” of the death of 600 fighters of the defense

Lvov against Kyiv: Zapadentsy accused

Photo: AP/TASS

The Lviv newspaper “Your Misto” published a large material dedicated to local residents who signed up for volunteer battalions. The article contains quotes Nikolai Savelyevjournalist and fighter of the defense: “We lie with our faces in the forest grass and everyone prays to the god in whom he believes, to his wife, children or grandchildren.”
According to him, they were taught to work at checkpoints, check documents, fight against small DRGs (sabotage and reconnaissance groups) and clean up premises. But here, in the Donbass, everything is different, everything is much worse.

“If there is a “forward” command, this is almost one hundred percent death, because defeating armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles with automatic bursts is the same as trying to stab an elephant with a knife. There is no chance, but then you can be called a hero … meanwhile, the Russian “Orlan” soars in the sky, this is the “Eye of Sauron”, which methodically corrects the fire of artillery (artillery) on everything that moves. Therefore, we froze in the bushes and do not move, ”writes Savelyev.

And he also said that they never saw a new weapon from the West, which allegedly “turn the tide of the war.” It seems that those Ukrainian experts who from the very beginning warned that part of NATO aid would “go to the left” and part would be destroyed by Russian aircraft or missile strikes are right.

After the publication of this article, the wives and mothers of the soldiers of the 125th division of the territorial defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine staged a demonstration near the building of the Lviv regional military administration. They protested against sending their husbands and sons to the front, since from the very beginning the volunteers were promised territorial status. Now the Ze-Team has renamed the volunteer battalions the Suicide Squads with a stroke of the pen.

Your City writes: Tatyana Metik four children – 9, 7, 4 and 1.5 years old. The smaller one sits in her arms and clings to her mother under the bright sun. Tatyana’s husband is a candidate of sciences, a college teacher from the National Forestry University of Ukraine, went into the defense. After Easter, he was sent to fight in the east, and now he contacts once a day to tell his wife that everything is fine with him.

She was still lucky, but already with more than 600 Lviv-teroboronists sent to the front line, contact was lost. What happened to them, relatives do not know. According to the new Jesuit rules, pushed through by the Ze-team, a request to search for a relative who has disappeared at the front is processed for 90 days. But people know that the living call or text home every day.

Now yellow-black social networks are posting the story of a fighter of the Lviv Terodefense to the fullest. “It is impossible to name the number of dead troop fighters, this is a military secret,” he writes on Facebook*. “But I remember everyone, because it was I who wrote down the sizes of everyone’s clothes and the call signs that everyone chose for themselves. Now hearing the call sign and the cause of death, I immediately remember the face of a person who is no longer there. Sometimes – not at all. This is when the body is completely burned, and I just don’t know what exactly they will put in the coffin, which will go to the Lviv region. I remember every face and that’s why I sleep so badly. Many relatives still simply do not know what they are about to learn from the employees of the military registration and enlistment office, who are called unfortunate messengers among themselves.

Members of the forum no longer hide their hatred for the “Ze-team”, whose poseur policy has brought the country to such a terrible state. Most often, the community writes the following comments:

“I confirm every word! With my brother in the squad. I would like to live until the end of this massacre in order to bring to the consciousness of politicians (in the original – a swear word, – WELL.) in government offices that are so eager to compile “victory” reports for the sake of a new “star” on shoulder straps.

“We all want to win! But at what cost?! At the cost of the boys who have become like brothers to me in these two and a half months. They cannot be returned, the rest are wounded or demoralized. We are not cannon fodder!

It’s obvious that Arestovichthe main, and very talented (and therefore dangerous), media worker of the “Ze-team” and his “Sect of Chernobaevka Witnesses”, did their terrible job. The Ukrainians were deceived that they could win, while Zelensky was obliged to prevent such a development of events and simply take into account the national interests of Russia. After all, by and large, nothing would have happened if Kyiv agreed to the neutral status of Ukraine and confirmed the status quo of Donbass and Crimea. In the end, Poroshenko was able to take Ukraine back from the abyss.

To make it clear what we are talking about, we will inform: Arestovich in an interview with Feigin LIVE admitted that he and his wife were threatened by relatives of the “Azovites” ** and citizens who sympathized with them. He is surprised: “For what?”, And receives the answer: “We need to lie less to people about the deblockade and successes in liberating the encircled units.”

The newspaper “Your Misto” also cited the correspondence of readers among themselves, and people ask: “Where are our armed forces?” Recall that until February 24, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies numbered more than 300 thousand people.

And this is not the case when you have to slander about terrible losses. It is not for nothing that the wives of volunteer fighters say: “It seems that (the politicians of the Kyiv regime) do not consider the lives (of soldiers).”

Meanwhile, insiders inside the office of President Zelensky reported that the yellow-Blakit guarantor did not support the idea of ​​his generals to withdraw troops from Severodonetsk. On Bankovaya (the address of the OP), they consider such a step reckless, since the allies will say “fi” instead of “wow” to him. In short, as the Ukrainian telegram channels write, image damage is indicated as the reason for Kyiv’s abnormal persistence.

“Our source in the Office of the President said that there was a conflict between the Office of the President and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine because of the situation in Severodonetsk. Valery Zaluzhny insists on the withdrawal of troops from the city so that our group does not get surrounded, but on Bankovaya his vision of the situation, ”says, for example, blogger Subscribers.

On the contrary, Zelensky capriciously ordered another five thousand soldiers and 300 pieces of equipment to be transferred to Severodonetsk. It is very likely that the Zapadensky territorial defense is actually no longer there, and border guards and garrisons that guarded the border with Belarus are now being thrown into battle.

In the meantime, the allies of the “nenko” begin to turn away from her. US Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul blocked a bill to allocate additional assistance to Ukraine for a record amount of almost $40 billion. “We cannot save Ukraine while dooming the US economy. I swore an oath to the US Constitution, not to any other country,” he said.

*Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

** Images of chevrons of the battalion (regiment) “Azov” are recognized in Russia as an extremist court decision from 30.11.2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials (p. 3269).

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